Amazon Prime Video Download Limit: How to Remove It?

Amazon Prime Video, or simply Prime Video, is a streaming service that allows you to watch a wide selection of live, movies, and TV shows. For the convenience of offline Amazon video playback, it also offers a download feature. However, a series of strict restrictions are added. For instance, not all titles are available for downloading, limits on devices, quantity, viewing period, and more.

This blog post is a breakdown of all the Amazon Prime Video download limits. By reading it through, you will learn everything behind these limits—why Amazon imposes them and how you can overcome them—and to watch unlimited Amazon Prime Videos without restrictions. Let’s dive in.

Things You Should Know About Amazon Prime Video Download Limit

From title availability to viewing periods and device limits, Amazon has imposed a series of download limits. Having a full understanding of them helps you make the most out of your offline viewing experience. Let’s delve into the five main limits of Amazon Prime Video downloads, explore how they might impact your offline viewing, and how you can overcome each with small actions in advance.

 1. Not All Amazon Titles Is Available for Download

The first limit comes to a less palatable fact for all Amazon Prime enthusiasts: Not every video in the Amazon Video library is up for downloads. It is a bit of a downer: Whether it’s a Prime subscription, rental, or purchase, some videos just can’t be saved for offline viewing. Sometimes it’s a tech hiccup on your end, maybe requiring a device or operating system up-to-date or such. But most cases are that Amazon does not allow it due to license agreements and its business strategy.

  • Device Compatibility: Prime Video is designed to be compatible with most major devices. However, it may not run on older versions of operating systems. You will need to keep your system up to date.
  • License Agreements: Viewing and downloading can be a negotiation in licensing agreements. Even if Amazon obtains a license to list certain movies and TV shows online, that doesn’t necessarily mean the copyright owner agrees the content is open to download. Not all companies are willing to provide offline download licenses.
  • Business Model: As a streaming-based service, Amazon Prime Video makes profits based on subscriptions or rentals of its digital content. Therefore, online viewing is one of the most effective business strategies to keep users engaged, making some content unavailable for downloading.

2. Limited Viewing Period Up to 30 Days

The second limit comes to the valid downloading and viewing period on Amazon videos. It does not mean you can leave your Prime Video downloads aside and get back to watching it whenever you have time.

Typically, you have up to 30 days to watch the downloads, or the titles disappear from the list. So you must enact downloading and watching before the expiration.

  • For Purchased Videos: It is a way to get indefinite access to your favorite content on Prime Video. You can enjoy the purchased videos as often as you want and as long as you want, because it has no time limit for downloading, watching, or re-watching purchased videos.
  • For Rental Videos: The download option will be available during your rental. It is usually within 30 days from your payment of the rental fee. Please take time to download the videos to your compatible device. Once you have played the downloads, you have 48 hours to finish watching them, or you have to re-download them.
  • For Prime and Prime Video Subscriptions: You’ll typically have 30 days to begin watching after downloading them. Once you start watching it, you’ll have 48 hours to finish watching it. After that time, you can re-download if your subscription is valid. You cannot watch and download videos anymore once the membership expires or is canceled.

3. Device Limit for Downloaded Amazon Prime Video

The device limit is another limit you cannot skip. The download option does not mean that you can download the title to all your devices. Based on the service types, locations, areas, etc., Amazon has set a maximum number of devices that can be used at a time. Check below for how many devices you can deal with in general terms.

  • For Purchased Videos: You can download videos you purchase to 4 compatible devices, such as Fire tablets (other than Kindle Fire 1st Generation), Android, and iOS devices.
  • For Rental Videos: You can temporarily download videos you rent to 1 compatible device.
  • For Subscription Videos: You can download available titles to 2 compatible devices at one time. If you have already downloaded a title to two devices, you will need to delete it from one of them before downloading it to another device.

4. Amazon Downloads Can Only Be Viewed on the App

It should be noted that Amazon employs DRM encryption for its downloaded videos. Amazon restricted its users to watching downloads in its official app only for better control over its digital content. In this way, Amazon can also avoid authorized access and serve its users in compliance with copyright agreements.

Furthermore, it is also a business strategy to keep users active. Since then, except for the Amazon Prime Video app, other video players cannot even recognize it. Therefore, do not delete the app from your device once you have the downloads, keep it all the time unless you no longer rely on Amazon for its video resources.

5. Maximum of 15-25 Amazon Downloads Across Account

Amazon also set restrictions for maximum downloads for an account. Based on your region, you are allowed to download videos from 15 to 25 at once. Whenever it reaches the limit, you can never download more titles. The only solution to it is to delete some of the existing downloads and let the new one(s) in.


Tip: Strip Limitations and Watch Unlimited Amazon Prime Videos Without Restrictions

Dealing with Amazon Prime Video download limits can be a tough task when watching Amazon Prime offline. Hence, you need a professional tool to help you out, if you want to have a restrictions-free viewing experience.

TuneFab Amazon Video Downloader is the right one to get rid of all the download restrictions. Whether the content you want to download is included with Prime or requires a purchase or rental, you can rely on it. Its built-in web player has integrated everything as the original Prime Video. With it, you can view and search your desired content, and even directly download Amazon videos to MP4/MKV/MOV videos in high definition (up to 1080P).

Key Features of TuneFab Amazon Video Downloader

  • Unlock HD Amazon Prime Resources: It is a one-stop tool that helps you unlock and download Amazon movies, TV shows, and original series as common MP4/MOV/MKV in 1080P.
  • 5X Faster Batch Downloading: Advanced hardware acceleration technology significantly accelerates download speeds up to 5 times faster than the official app. You can also download several shows at once. Enjoy your favorites much quicker without long waiting.
  • Multiple Choices of Audio Tracks and Subtitles: Whenever multiple languages and subtitles are available, you can download movies catering to your language and its subtitle preference.
  • 3 Options for Subtitle Downloading: Whether soft subtitles for embedded captions, hard subtitles for permanent display, or external subtitles with separate files for customization, you have corresponding options to satisfy your needs.

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Amazon Prime Video sets limits on its downloads, including availability, time limits, device limits, platform restrictions, and maximum for downloads. Though it is a bit troublesome, you’d better keep them in mind for a smooth viewing experience.

If you don’t want to deal with these hassles, you can use TuneFab Amazon Video Downloader to watch unlimited Amazon Prime videos without restrictions. With it, you can save your favorites to HD MP4/MKV/MOV, permanently own them, and enjoy them on any device whenever you have time. Download TuneFab now to say hello to the full enjoyment of your Amazon Prime Video today!


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